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Increase your revenue and outrank your competitor’s performance through 
our innovative Amazon Price Adjustment Tool


Amazon Seller Analytics Dashboard

Assess your market and discover business opportunities by looking at your store’s performance in an instant. With our analytics dashboard, you can immediately review your integral data such as your profit and revenue at a glance. Knowing all these insights will help you plan your marketing strategies to increase your conversions, boost your sales, and scale your business on Amazon.  

  • Sales revenue per period across all accounts
  • Real-time updates
  • Advanced filters on all data points

Product Reports

When you are selling hundreds (or thousands) of products on Amazon, it can be very challenging to monitor performance and the fees that you need to pay. With our Product Reports, you can immediately see what’s performing well and what’s not so you can implement a much more aggressive marketing strategy to increase your net profit.

FBA Shipment Dashboard

View reports on your shipment status to ensure that you have enough inventory to keep your Amazon store going. This will help you understand whether there are delays caused by your carriers, or Amazon’s staff could not unload your shipment immediately. With this, you can meet the FBA shipment delivery appointments and no further problems could hamper your operations.

Removal Order Dashboard

Our dashboard intuitively shows the summary of your removal orders so whether you have requested an order from Amazon’s inventory page or the recommended removal report, or you have automated the process, you can track the location of your products once they have been released from the warehouse. This ensures that you won’t lose any product that could immensely affect your finances. 

Dynamic Repricing

Acquire more income from your products by automating prices according to your inventory. When a certain product has more stocks, lowering its prices will encourage your customers to make a purchase. Although this could decrease your profit margin, it actually ends up increasing your sales volumes. On the other hand, products that have less inventory will be sold at a higher price so you can stabilize your sales until the new supplies arrive.

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