Business Pricing with no hassle.

Our repricer automatically pushes Business Pricing for you on Amazon - and can implement any rule across your catalog.

But the cherry on the top

When you sign on for AZsellerkit, you get so much more than just a software solution.You get a free, personal business consultant:

Set your rule with only a few clicks!

Our business pricing rule is easy to set up. Make your rule by simply stating your tiers, and the percent or flat rate off your offering!

Feel free to use more than one!

You can create multiple rules and assign them at the SKU level so you can offer different business offers by category or style.

Increased sales with Business Repricing

We automatically enroll you in Amazon Business Pricing as soon as you are using our tool – this allows you to capture more viewership and grab key bulk sales.

A quick intro on our tool:

Stay on the Business Marketplace

Just by enabling our Repricer, we are pushing a business price for you. By default, just a penny below so you stay listed all the time.

Offer Tiered, Quantity-Based Discounts

Easily decide flat rate or percentage discounts when your business customers decide to buy more items!

Consistent, Fast Results

We push new business pricing every time we push a normal repricing update. That way, every time your normal price gets updated, your business price will reflect to offer attractive discounts.