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Specifically designed for Amazon Sellers that own their own brands, our Precision Pricing Method will dynamically look at your sales velocity and inventory levels to help you discover the most profitable price points for your products.
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Case Studies
AZsellerkit is built by experienced Amazon sellers who understand how important it is to test different price points for your products. Watch below and be amazed at how these sellers maximized their sales and profits by letting us dynamically adjust their prices based on the most important marketplace factors.
Inventory Based Pricing Strategy
Maximize your profit by letting our software's algorithm adjust your prices according to the level of your inventory. You choose your days of supply, floor, and ceiling prices and we will make sure your prices increase as you are running low and decrease to your floor price when you are overstocked. This will help you to have a better ACOS if you have variations and to maintain your sales rank so that when you are back in stock it is easier to get back to your peak ranking.
Profit Based Pricing Strategy
This Strategy is for sellers who know they are always in stock but are looking to see what the price elasticity is for their items. We will test higher price points and pinpoint the items that don't suffer a decrease in velocity when prices are increased so that you can achieve maximum profitability.
Your All-in-One Tool for Selling on Amazon
AZsellerkit was built by experienced Amazon sellers who understand the different challenges of managing an Amazon business. Each feature we have added will allow you and your team to gain efficiencies that will give you tons of actionable data at the click of a button. Our goal is for our clients to never have to download another spreadsheet from Amazon's back end again!
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Everyday we work hard to make sure we are constantly improving our software to continue to meet the ever changing demands of being an Amazon Seller.
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Allan Tawil
Adjmi Apparel Group, licensee of Champion, Fila
We are an apparel seller on amazon selling branded product, such as Champion and Fila and in house brands such as Layer 8, Skora, Al1ve and Apana. We highly recommend AZSellerKit. We were looking for a "smart" automated pricing software and were referred to AZsellerkit services, after speaking with the owners, we realized the service offers a lot more than just automated pricing. We are able to pull detailed financial reports, look at item by item profitability and we are big fans of the forecasting tool which includes a feature most others do not, factoring in "lost" sales if an item was sold out during a given period. The automated pricing tool enables us to move through inventory, and increase profit margins on our more successful items while making sure some of our slower movers are still selling. If you're looking to focus on bigger picture business solutions instead of the minute amazon reports, AZsellerkit s the service for you.
Mathew Mangione
I am amazed by the AZsellerkit software. It has exceeded my expectations every step along the way. I was very patient and meticulous when onboarding our brand, but the responsive service I received and the verified results of the software steadily gained my trust. Once we opened up our full catalog to the automated pricing engine, there was an immediate increase in sales and profitability. AZsellerkit makes it feel like there are thousands of eyes watching our prices, demand, and inventory and making real time adjustments to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate losses in a way that could never be done by our internal team. Now that the automated pricing engine has become central to our everyday operations, we are starting to expand into AZsellerkit's projections, shipments, and sales and forecasting features. Jason and Lenny and the AZsellerkit team are a top notch team providing the best in category software... and it just keeps getting better. I couldn't recommend AZsellerkit any higher.
Maurice Grazi
Lifeworks, licensee of And 1, iHome
AZsellerkit has changed the way we operate our Amazon business. Having the ability to automate pricing based on real time FBA inventory & up to date sales trends not only keeps us in stock for longer periods of time, but also adds incremental $'s to our top and bottom lines. By using the software, we discovered that we can could actually continue driving sales on one of our items even at +40% above the original price! The team at AZsellerkit is always quick to respond and answer questions, and have taken all the steps needed to help us formulate our Amazon automated pricing strategy. We look forward to continuing working with them in the future & will always be keeping our eyes open for their latest updates and software enhancements!
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